i started painting commissioned work for my uncle bill in 2015. he loves old movies and cartoons. he has always been a big supporter of my art and creativity. he bought me comic books and records that still mean a lot to me, i love him very much. making these paintings are one of the biggest joys of my life. he decides the characters and the scene. i add some things for fun too. i am very grateful to have such love in my life. these are just a handful of them. 

the thing that makes this special is my uncle does not go on the internet. it would be easy for him to look all these  old movies and cartoons up online but he is an old fashioned guy and these are special because they are all done by postal mail correspondence between us. I called him the other day to check on him and his cat. he said "25 and counting!" maybe even more by now? his cat is doing better now and he's doing good. I'm working on another one this week for him. I will try to get them all posted here (there are others) I love to paint by hand. It's not perfect and I have really outgrown digital art. I decided after all these years just to stick to hand done art. It's more rewaeding and I love to learn from it. hope you all enjoy this and get a laugh or two from it. i love making it...

THE superfine art OF scoocher