The Fantasy Pop Art of Scott Aicher

March 17th, 2017 Happy Friday.

Here's what is happening...

3 Chords The Art of Punk Rock

at El Cuervo Gallery

417 Main Street, El Segundo, CA

Saturday, April 8th, 2017 6-10pm

Free Beer!

You all may remember my old flyers or some of you may never have known I drew them at all. I got into Punk Rock from my uncle who I thought had weird taste in music. Discovered the Ramones from Creem Magazines I bought for the Kiss articles. I will have some of my old flyers in the show as well as three new paintings. I called a lot of my friends to be part of this show too... heck, El Cuervo Mark and I wore our painted leather jackets to school each day even if it was hot out. This show should be special and fun. Don't miss this one! See you there! -Scott