Friends, Artists and Places I Like...

Crafted- A craft market located in warehouse 10 here in San Pedro, CA
110 e.22nd Street, San Pedro, CA 90731 This is the place where my real life actual shop is called, "Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe" located near the front of the building at space 151a. Fridays I get in late some days but Saturday and Sunday you can find me there from 11am to 6pm. Often I paint live each day. I have new canvas Prints for sale as well as hand silk screened posters and clothing and much more. Many small affordable plaque paintings on sale for about 30 to 60 dollars each. Hand Painted? I know! You need some art. Get these paintings at my shop while the price is still low. My art is a good investment! My online shoppe= (https://www.etsy.com/shop/PopKustomShoppe)
Crafted Link=(http://craftedportla.com/)

El Cuervo Gallery- El Segundo, CA. (Formerly "Gasoline Gallery") well kind of... el cuervo is a bit more artsy than Gasoline was but the art still maintains the same edge to it. You will find my art on their walls pretty regular. Less wine and cheese type gallery... they usually have beer at the opening of the shows. On Main street. (9 Foot Crow (or,"cuervo"...) right in front of the shop! Lots of close by food options too. Not just art, but art books and toys, and clothing too! Link= (www.http://elcuervogallery.bigcartel.com/)

Calimucho!- My Buddies Kevin (Portland) and Raul (San Pedro) print all of my prints and shirts and we work together all the time on projects. We are each doing our own thing but very much working together. Three Amigos! Link=(www.calimucho.net)

Chet Zar- Dark Art Master Painter. If you like the band Tools art then you know Chet's art. His late Stepfather James Zar was a fantasy art painter as well. Both are heroes of mine and Chet has answered many "how do you make that?" questions for me. We showed together at the "History of San Pedro Punk" shows that had art and bands playing each weekend for about a month at Angel's Gate Cultural Center a few years back. People came from all over for that one! Be sure to check out his movie "I like to Paint Monsters" Link= (www.chetzar.com)

Craig Ibarra- A dude from Pedro. He makes Zines, Sells Records has been in a few bands and he made a book about Pedro Punk you probably read already. Lots of respect for Craig who taught me to get the flyer art done right and with integrity. Link= (http://waterunderthebridgerecords.com/)

Recess Records- Todd C.- Todd can tell you about cool new bands. He puts out most of their albums and has done so for a few years now. Ever heard Treasure Fleet? how about Audacity? got the new Toys that Kill lp? Have you ever bought a new Toys that Kill record then went to their gig to sing along with everyone. They even got colored vinyl 7 inchers galore. Check out Recess Records buddy... Link= (http://recessrecords.com/)

Mike Watt- Another dude from Pedro. Minutemen. Missingmen. Secondmen many more... Motto?= Start yer own band! Translation= whatever it is, get after it! I love his podcasts on the watt from pedro show. I even got to be a guest once. If you are looking into Watt check out, D.BOON! man, I would have loved to have painted with that guy. Link=(http://hootpage.com/)