about scott aicher

I grew up a Southern California native and moved around the South Bay much before I met my wife and settled down in our cottage home with our awesome dog overlooking the Los Angeles harbor.

I started drawing and painting early about the age of five with guidance from my mom and grandmother who are both painters. I won three blue ribbons at my first art contests I entered it was after that that I figured I was good at art.

 I drew army men and biker dudes mostly after watching movies like Billy Jack and The Longest Day with my dad on t.v. Sometimes my mom would bring home a big roll of butcher paper and my buddies and I drew skateparks and waves on them until they were filled up.  It was at the time of the groovy seventies which also meant Marvel Comics, Brady Bunch, Partridges, Mad Magazine, Kiss records and Monster Gum Trading Cards.

 I was the first kid on my block to get urathane road riders on my Skateboard. Mostly though I stayed in my room with my Koss headphones listening to Sweet, Aerosmith and Kiss records (I only had about five records but they were good ones) day in and day out drawing and building Legos (this was way before Lego people).
 In my high school years I began drawing flyers and designing things for punk bands and record labels. I made many flyers over the years which gained me my modest following I have today.

 Professionally I have worked doing lots of kids clothing lines for surf companies and apparel licensing companies for many years and prior to that and before computers I worked at print shops as a production artist.
I left the corporate world and started showing in galleries in the early 2000's which got very tough when the economy fell. The gallery I was showing at asked if I could do a show of small affordable art which was a huge success at the time.
I decided the time was right for me to open a small boutique style shop and sell my art and handmade things.

 I opened Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe in 2013 at Crafted (a large warehouse filled with creative shops and craft vendors). The creative freedom of having my own shop is a dream come true and I enjoy being part of a large creative environment. I am there every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm selling my paintings, hand silk screened shirts and posters, canvas prints, custom made greeting cards, small hand painted plaques and much more.
I enjoy collecting records, art books, comics, toys and flea market trinkets. My teacher wife is my biggest hero and inspiration. Our little dog is a joy as well. They inspire me do always do my best.

Thank you for your support and Happy Trails to you- Scott Aicher.