' 8x10" or small painting .........................$200.00

16x20" or average size painting................$400.00

Logo Design.......................................$200.00

T Shirt Design (one color)......................$300.00

All rates may vary more/less depending on detail and time to create. Please contact me (Scoocher) here in the contact link with your kustom painting idea and let me know your budget for the project. I look forward to working with you.

Email: popkustomshoppe@gmail.com

a favorite tune by

Glen campbell and paul westerberg

"Ghost On The Canvas"
(originally by Paul Westerberg)

I know a place between
Life and death for you and me
Best take hold on the threshold of eternity
And see the ghost on the canvas
People don't see us
Ghost on the canvas
People don't know
When they're looking at soul

In between here and there
There's a place that we can grow
The spirits make love in a wheat field with crows
Like a ghost on a canvas
People don't see them
Ghost on a canvas
No, they never see soul

Ring around the rosary
Pocket full of prose you read
Ashes to ashes we all fall in love
With ghost on the canvas

We dream in color
Others they color their dreams
Takes one to know one
The spirit always knows when it's seen

Like a ghost on a canvas
Never can have us
Ghost on a canvas
It's the soul
That makes them go

People don't know
When they're looking in soul
Better take hold
I'm the ghost on the canvas

custom painting rates

ABOUT scott aicher

aka "Scoocher"

THE superfine art OF scoocher


a little more light reading about scoocher & co.

After we left our California home town we lived in the majority of our lives. I was ever born right there and I never lived outside So Cal in my life. Texas deer greeted us immediately when we arrived. I had no idea they roamed the lawns all down our block. They have comfort and warmth in their eyes and (respect to those vegans) are an excellent source of protein if needed. Have not found a good veggie pizza here yet but you can get some great steaks still. We did find a really good chicken curry and pad Thai place. Have to explore more still.

 I’m starting to like some Robert Earl with my Coltrane and most times for me the best part is the cover art and bonus trinkets included and the smell of the ink and age of an old Al Neuman Crumb type comic book.
The force is fully strong with me.

I like a big hand thrown round homemade pottery mug to sip my morning coffee and I love the smell of a fresh bag of black strong greasy French roasted beans. It takes me about three 14oz. Minimum sized mug fills to get my pedals cranking in the morning. The very best companion to this is a good marbled rye toast with the local market’s peanut butter that has honey already mix in the jar.

I love a good character on a food product label. Makes all the difference. It’s a lost art making a good icon but one just enough to try it without becoming a false idol. I love the old fashioned kind. The great tigers. Toucans, monsters, pirate bosses, leprechauns and noisy dwarf triplets on the lunch and cereal box.

I have been getting back to playing guitar again. Not going to go on tour but tuning up to make ‘em dance. Not sure what happened to my band. I’m old as Jethro Tull used to look like to me now. Too young still to not at least bend a string and and kick start the Princeton on the weekend. Tele me about it… I know, right?

Scoocher is a nickname my family used to call me. It's also my two names mashed together. If you like just call me Scott.

In October 2021 I decided to go with this name as a new start to my art journey. I tried many styles of art over the years. I did surf art for surf companies, punk flyers, record and book covers for punk bands, cartoon art and inkings for entertainment companies and amusement parks. I even showed at many galleries in Southern California even having a few big successful solo shows of my own.
I was always trying to fit my art into counterculture groups in hope of some sense of belonging. I tried to be a surfer but mostly boogie boarded. I was never great at skateboarding but I did skate for transportation around the Southern California beach town I grew up in. I tried to start bands but mostly I only ever played guitar for fun and to de-stress. All of this has finally got me to the place everyone always told me to get to. To just be me.

Who am I? Well, I’m a loving guy who loves hugs. I love a good cup of coffee with no cream no sugar and real strong. I love my wife who is retired from teaching. We have a little dog who is a mix of Jack Russell, Chihuahua and Pomeranian. He’s a bundle of joy and energy. I love American Cheese. I love Necco Wafers. I like to go to flea markets and thrift stores with my family to hunt for treasure which to me means Vinyl Records, Vintage Toys, Old Guitars and Art/Comic Books. I’m also tall and large and I battle depression. The healthier I get the better I feel. I do my best with every day I’m given. 

I took many art classes at many schools and a few colleges. I won a high school art contest and went to Pasadena Art Center College of Design for a summer class. I went back later in life to sharpen my painting skills which was a very big help. (Never miss an educational opportunity people.) Update! current class: a fitness class called Silver Sneakers. Love to all that have encouraged me there... you are all a joy and a blessing to have in my life. God Bless all of you.

I have an online shop (popkustomshoppestore.com) which is now online after closing down my physical location that was in a craft market in town. I hope to have a new physical location soon. Your kind support is greatly appreciated.

You can reach out to me by email (popkustomshoppe@gmail.com) if you would like a custom painting or art project done by me. I’d love to work with you.

You can see many examples of my art here on this website. There are progress videos here and on my YouTube page and a portfolio page called scoocher's art on this site as well.

Drop me a line anytime. I’d love to hear from you. God Bless You and Happy Trails,