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news and whats happening 4/1/2021 happy birthday d boon!

i'm working on making this the only place you need to go for all i'm working on. I have two 7 inch records i did the art for working with nomad eel records and mike watt. One is a mssv (main system stop valve) gatefold single and the other is the 45 for Mike Watt + black gang/ east meets west split single. not time to reveal the artwork yet. it's at the printers now and getting pressed. i will have them for sale as soon as i get my copies. i will have a special bundle deal too. can't wait!

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my online store is called pop kustom shoppe store.com and is now up and running. please support our small business. our dog eats a lot of kibble and treats and i like to eat too. my family thanks you so much for your support. it's not just my art there... i'm selling some of my toys, vinyl records, compact discs, old guitars, loved art books, clothing, my home made comic books, fine art prints and posters and much more. fun stickers with every order. click the links in the navigation bars or just click here popkustomshoppestore.com

Please enjoy this video reel with samples of my paintings and design work. Now accepting custom request orders. email Scott here: popkustomshoppe@gmail.com with your requests. Let's work on some art together!

collected clutter - recent vinyl spins and art books

got my copy of notes from vinegar hill by herman dune on cat eye yellow transparent vinyl. the songs are about los angeles and san pedro where i live. got my copy of gary panter's crashpad art book and it is wonderful. if you love underground comics this has many homages to rick griffin and the zap comics artists and psychedelic poster art. very groovy.

finally spun paul stanley's new soul station record and it is amazing! great soul tunes and the new songs fit it so well you may think they are old classics. i really love it. his voice sounds so strong. i grew up with all this music on am radio in the 70's and the whole album is really flawless. perfect for a summer bbq or just chilling out.

i liked gary panters crashpad so much i bought "songy" which i have yet to sit down with but now i have all three of the series. 

also got a new copy of Iggy pop's lust for life on purple wax. it looks like black vinyl until you shine a light behind it. four guys with beards pressing. the vinyl sounds a bit quiet but not too bad, but not great. this is one of my favorite records.

i did a comic book page insert for psychic temple's houses of the holy out now on big ego / joyful noise records. it is getting great reviews and i'm so stoked to be part of such a great record. highly recommended listening.

top 20 things

Top 20 punk records by Pop Kustom Shoppe

well....the ones that changed my life...

Red Cross on posh boy
Germs GI
Stooges Raw Power
Sex Pistols never mind the bollocks
Bad Brains
New York Dolls
Devo Are we not men?
Dead Boys Young loud and snotty
Adolescents blue album
Plasmatics new hope for the wretched
Social Distortion mommy’s little monster
The Clash London Calling
The Damned Machine gun etiquette
TSOL Dance with me
X Ray Spex germ free adolescencets
Minutemen Double Nickels on the dime
Descendents Milo goes to college
X Los Angeles
Big Boys Lullabies help the brain grow
Misfits Walk among us

whta are you reading? I have been designing and illustraiting art for punk hostage press. great books written with an edge and poetry about los angeles. I did a few books with jack grisham of tsol and with punk poet iris berry both are legendary and you are sure to dig their books. click here to check out punk hostage press

new from nomad eel records if you missed the exclusive limited lathe cut singles for Mike watt + the black gang / east meets west mike watt - tom surgal split 7 inch featuring a cover of captain beefheart's my head is my only house unless it rains (live) you are in luck! three new versions on big hole 45's are on the way! all art by yours truly. click here to check out nomad eel records

working on a coloring book i started four years ago that should be off to the printers this week. also have a comic book getting done too... working on both when i have time. stay tuned for fun!

I have a new comic strip in sarzine the fanzine for the sardine here in san pedro, ca you can pick them up free down there. i think they send them in recess records and water under the bridge records orders (check with them, i may be wrong. help the sardine and buy their merch and records.

all my shirts get printed by my good friends at calimucho screen print here in san pedro, ca they are righteous dudes.

artists i like

Gary Panter

Rick Griffin

Victor Gastelum

Craig Ibarra

Lynda Barry

Doc Guthrie

Johnny Ryan

Craig Gleason

Laurie Steelink


Mark Waldman

Robert Crumb

Lori Herbst

Chris Shary

Christine Bengamin

Dave Van Patten

Alex Chiu

Dennis Worden

Mary Fleener

Charles Burns


Jack Kirby

Charles Schulz

Steve Ditko

Neil Adams

Mayon Hannia 

David Ya Ya Ivar

Wayne White

Rodger Dean

Stanley Mouse

Shawn Kerri