7/2/2022 got my coffee, spinning records, petting my dog and hugging my wife


i am working on a few books of my own with punk hostage press at the moment. doing cover and interior illustrations. the two new iris berry books have my drawings on them. you can find punk hostage press books on amazon here: punk hostage press books

vinyl finds AND PICK UPS

on the way...neurotica deluxe reissue from redd kross on merge records. still have my original vinyl but this has extras so i ordered it. vinyl ritchie showed the colored wax on you tube. looks cool.

picked up otis gibbs new album. i really love his you tube videos and i am starting to look a lot like him. good dude to check out on the ol you tubes.

kiss! donington off the soundboard on right now for the first time and it's cooking! the band sounds seasoned from a few days into the reunion start up and don't forget how good this time was for all us fans! the band is tight here. this one will be a classic live album especally with it's raw realness. i'm digging it!


got scooby doo on dvd with batman, johnathan winters and phyllis diller which should be killer...going to watch it with my pup. pretty sure he has not seen it yet.


getting the studio shelves ready once they get here and putting up some favorites on display. got a bunch of them waiting in a storage tub ready to get shown.


got some affordable wall hangers for my guitars in the studio which i got put up yesterday. looks sweet! i will share more once i get the studio all set up. having fun getting it perfecto.

updates to scoocher's art page...added many new paintings and made it look better. also added to current music i am spinning. fanclub kits are on the way soon! 

got to thinking...maybe it's the unpop kustom shoppe? what you get here is handmade art. warts and all. i try not to use any digital except for clean up and sizing. not the popular way now i know but i'm done with the new way and new softwares and apps. the studio is now comfortable but not yet complete. almost.

new comic book is progressing nicely. new business cards to go with all of your orders...and stickers too. new punk hostage press books added. two new uncle bill paintings to share on his page here. a few new weeks of blogging are up now. i put a lot into those the last few weeks. keeping it going and progress is showing. deers are outside and the coffee is flowing. love to you all. thanks for you interest in my artistic attempts. i'm giving what i got. thanks- Scoocher



all the good good things for me this month. june 2022

artists i like

Gary Panter - Rick Griffin - Victor Gastelum - Craig Ibarra - Lynda Barry - Doc Guthrie - Johnny Ryan - Craig Gleason - Laurie Steelink - Coop - Mark Waldman - Robert Crumb - Lori Herbst -Chris Shary - Christine Bengemin - Dave Van Patten - Alex Chiu - Dennis Worden - Mary Fleener - Charles Burns - Pettibon - Jack Kirby - Charles Schulz - Steve Ditko - Neil Adams - Mayon Hannia  - David Ya Ya Ivar - Wayne White - Rodger Dean - Stanley Mouse - Shawn Kerri - Simon Hanselmann - Mimi Pond.... I will list more later when I remember them all.

THE superfine art OF scoocher