THE superfine art OF scoocher

welcome to my humble website, happy new year to y'All...

I'm working on getting new merch to the shoppe store this week. New coffee diner style mugs are on sale there now for just 20 bucks. trying to give y'all a reason to check back here now and then. 

I am not on social media sites and I dislike the digital world altogether...but man, I love painting! Doing it by hand. 

My voice is in my art work so if you like it let me know and email and tell me what you think or I can explain my art to you, but I am certain you will interpret it as you see it anyhow...

Giclee prints are in and will be up sometime this week at popkustomshoppstore.com as soon as I can get them posted. Scoocher Art section has my past and recent paintings featured, the Family Section has art I made for family and friends over the years. Both sections have videos to watch too.

No slowing down this train this year, so hang on tight y'all... Yee Haw!!!! -Scoocher