Please enjoy this video reel with samples of my paintings and design work. Now accepting custom request orders. email Scott here: popkustomshoppe@gmail.com with your requests. Let's work on some art together!

NEWS 12/05/2020

this just in! Band new online store! will be fully loaded with new art and more very soon...

a few things are up now but i will be adding more of my fine art, paintings and prints, new comic book on the way and vintage treasure from my personal collection! (whoa!) records, toys, art books, compacts discs! Fun!

Stay tuned for more very soon. If you'd like to check out the new store just click the shoppe store link above or below or click HERE:POPKUSTOMSHOPPESTORE.

recent projects i have worked on

I made a cool comic page insert that you can get when you buy the new Psychic Temple album Houses of the Holy on Joyful Noise Records. This is a great record and I am so glad to have been part of it in a small way. What you have is Chris Schlarb backed by four different bands including Dream Syndicate. He also made 1,2,and 3 and this is number four. I also did a shirt design for his studio BIG EGO in Long Beach, CA that were really popular. Check out BIG EGO they make records too.

Art of Aicher Art Show at cornelius projects

the show is still up by appointment only. Call Laurie and see it while you can. It has to come down soon so don't wait....

Mike Watt + The black gang/east meets west split aicher edition white vinyl has sold out! thank you all for purchasing. there will be a standard 45prm version mad available soon from nomad eel records with the same art (drawn by yours truly).

I'm working on a new 32 page comic book that i am going to self publish soon called Aicher comix #1.

You can still buy my show poster from the art of aicher in my shoppe store. I have homemade comics, shirts, gig posters,books i have illustrated,  original art, affordable art and lots more for sale there. please check it out if you have a minute. lots of great gift ideas. evrey order comes with stickers and a pop kustom supreme club membership card. click here: shoppe store

The art of aicher is now showing at cornelius projects by appointment only (due to the pandemic). you can call to set a time to see the show with laurie (310) 266-9216 The show will stay up thru august and possibly september 2020. thank you so much for all of your support... so far the show is a huge success and selling very well. please go see it and save your favorite piece.