i am going to re-read farenheit 451 this week and maybey 1984 as well. my wife is getting me a bible to read too i think. we are in end times and i am getting ready so to speak... hope you all are prepared and doing well.

i am working on a few books of my own with punk hostage press at the moment. doing cover and interior illustrations. the two new iris berry books have my drawings on them. you can find punk hostage press books on amazon here: punk hostage press books

vinyl finds AND PICK UPS

digging through my collection this week mostly... lots of old records i forgot i had.

picked up jim lindberg's "songs from the elkhorn trail on smoke vinyl"...it's really great. great cover by bob dobbs and the vinyl looks and sounds amazing. highly recommended!

pre-ordered bill withers still bill...my very first mofi title. i got high hopes for that one. i grew up on those tunes thanks to my dad.

spinning loads of glen campbell lately. 



watched wayne white beauty is embarassing, the errand boy with jerry lewis and found my Dvd copy of the batman 66 tv show which i will rewatch soon as i have the time. Watching food network often. 


BeeN gOing through my toy collection recently. I am going to sell most of my loose Toy clutter. Many he man, niNja turtles, marvel and dc fIgures I bought or found at flea markets. They need new homes and i need less clutter. I will post them for sale soon on popkustomshoppestore.com (my online web shop). There is a link to get there in the navigation of thIs site.


found an old beat up stella i got at a flea market long ago and started to paint but never finished...it is missing all the parts exept the body and neck. i will get it going soon but for now it has a spot in the studio so i wont forget it again. getting some new guitar stands to display my painted ones around the house.

i put a photo of my painted passion guitar in the scoocher's art section of this site if you want to see one of my painted guitars.

THE superfine art OF scoocher

click here lorm comic book to purchase!

hope all you moms are having a beautiful day. remember to call your mother today like i did. god bless you all and peace be with you.

brand new stickers have arrived and another design is at the printers now. stickers come with every order placed in my online store you can reach by clicking here: popkustomshoppestore.com


enjoy the scoocher art video reel below! a sample of my paintings

if you would like even more there is a page here with additional art of mine scoocher's art page

5/8/22 happy mother's day to all the women who have given us life!



artists i like

Gary Panter - Rick Griffin - Victor Gastelum - Craig Ibarra - Lynda Barry - Doc Guthrie - Johnny Ryan - Craig Gleason - Laurie Steelink - Coop - Mark Waldman - Robert Crumb - Lori Herbst -Chris Shary - Christine Bengemin - Dave Van Patten - Alex Chiu - Dennis Worden - Mary Fleener - Charles Burns - Pettibon - Jack Kirby - Charles Schulz - Steve Ditko - Neil Adams - Mayon Hannia  - David Ya Ya Ivar - Wayne White - Rodger Dean - Stanley Mouse - Shawn Kerri - Simon Hanselmann - Mimi Pond.... I will list more later when I remember them all.