What do you mean by pop kustom shoppe?

By Pop I mean the artwork I make is inspired by Pop Culture, Vintage Cartoons, and Sci Fi Fantasy with a bit of Rock and Roll added for attitude... I try to make all my paintings with original characters that I make up myself (sometimes I do use celebrities now and then). I try to give the viewer something personal that comes from my imagination.

Kustom means that I can make any kind of custom painting you might have in mind as long as you know it will end up looking like my cartoon style in the end. I have a basic rate for custom work:

Small Painting 8x10" acrylic on canvas starts @$150,00

Larger Painting  16x20" acrylic on canvas starts @$300.00

of course sizes can vary. Email me (Scott) here: popkustomshoppe@gmail.com  with your budget and what you have in mind for me to paint. 

I have an Etsy store with paintings, prints, clothing and comic books I have made for sale here:


I used to have a physical store at Crafted in San Pedro but I have since moved my store back to my home studio with my online Etsy store that features my latest work for sale.

You can keep up with my everyday things and daily art work on my Instagram site:


I thank you on behalf of myself, my lovely teacher wife, and our small mixed breed pup... your support means everything to our little family and you are helping this artists' dreams come true. Please check out the other pages and navigation links on this site for news and galleries that feature my art.

Thank You, and Happy Trails to You! Love, Scott Aicher

remembering the shoppe at crafted

You may remember my physical shoppe "Pop Kustom Shoppe" I ran down at the port inside the market Crafted in warehouse 10. Well, after four years I had to pack it up and move online instead. I am still in business! Just on Etsy now... (Click here to check out the newest things for sale: ETSY PKS.) 

I am very grateful for all of you who came down to visit me and shop there. Please support my Etsy store... This is how I make my living right now. Most of my art there is priced low to make it easy to become a collector of my work. I had a great four years at Crafted and I am still running my small business only it's from my home studio now. Thank you all so much! Stay Tuned! Great things are on the way!


Aicher art demo video

here comes lorm!

Sunday November 17th, 2019 at wacko/soap plant/la luz de jesus gallery in hollywood, ca! 6-9pm

Book signing and release party for Iris Berry's new book "All that shines under the Hollywood Sign" (featuring illustrations by Scott Aicher, hey -that's me!) This will be a really fun show. The store if you have not been there yet has greeting cards, Toys, lots of Books, candles and soaps and all knids of knick knacks and fun doo dads as well as an Amazing art gallery. It's 6pm to 9pm with readings by Keith Morris from Off!, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Jack Grisham Author and singer of TSOL, Iris Berry Poet/Author/Ringling Sister, D.H. Peligro Drummer for Dead Kennedys and RHCP, Annette Zilinskas of The Bangles and Ringling Sisters and of course I will be there with stickers and new 16x20' (limited to 100) hand silk screened posters you can get signed by all of us.  (I will also have them for sale in my Esty store after the show.) Thank You Sincerely, -Scott

Update! Show Posters now on sale in my Etsy shop CLICK HERE. Thanks for your support!

Buy the Book now on Amazon click here: Iris Berry - All That Shines Under the Hollywood Sign 

studio tour video

5.5 x 8.5 inches 24 pages in Black and White. Limited first run of 100. Stamp of authenticity.

All art was drawn in pencil and inked by hand with lots of detail in black and white to bring out the hand drawn charm.

It’s a love story between two space aliens with only expression words and visual communication between the characters.

It was made between March and June 2019. Intended to be one of five or six books eventually leading to a graphic novel in full color depending on the success of these small run d.i.y. Comics.

Inspired by my love of underground comics and newspaper funnies. Many of my friends and family have said I should make comics and this is me committing myself to a serious go at making them after a few other weaker attempts (I made two other indie books that were not very consistent in content).

I thank you for your support and would love to hear your feedback on what you think of this comic book.
My email: popkustomshoppe@gmail.com

The book is for sale on my Etsy site:
Details about the book on my website:
www.popkustomshoppe.com (or)

New! Stickers come with Esty Orders now!

Starting this week all Esty orders come with is cool stickers and maybe some buttons or other stickers...just trying to keep things fun! Enjoy!

I have returned to my old blog!

Before Instagram we all had blogs to share what was going on with us. Today Istagram crashed and it got me thinking that I dont like not having control over my content there and I am real tired of the ads so I am going to try the old blog again. Besides I have many old stories on there saved too. I am back on my old Blogger site to give you the latest things that are on my mind and it helps me to put my thoughts typed out so I hope you enjoy it. Just click HERE or click this ad.

Time Lapse video of my painting progress

Many progress videos of my art are on my You Tube site click the link in the navigation bars or CLICK HERE Thanks for your support!

Brand new things added to my etsy store!

Because you wanted them I made NEW SHIRTS! These are beautiful 100% cotton made in the U.S.A. water based ink on lightweight super soft tees. They feature many of the best spots around San Pedro drawn out in my hand detailed style....sizes Large, XL, 2XL, and 5XL Tall. only a few available in each size so don't wait or you may miss out! They are $20.00 each plus shipping.

Also in my Etsy store... many, many, many new hand painted in acrylic original art paintings done by yours truly are ready for you to buy now! Prices are very affordable and range from $20 up to $300... they are each one of a kind so head over to my Etsy shop and claim yours today.

...and I still have a few of my hand silk screened limited run gig posters for sale too, but they are getting low, so if there's one you want I would buy it soon.

my collection!

I am currently going through my record, comic book, toy and guitar collection and I will be adding items from it for sale in my Etsy store very soon. These records will be some of the finest I have in my collection. (I am making room for more canvases in the studio is why I am purging some)

Keep an eye out for some great vintage things on sale very soon!

Visit my Etsy store by using the navigation bars or just click here: ETSY