here's what's percolating 10/11/2021 monday

new start, new paintings, new title and name. welcome and enjoy the superfine artwork of scoocher (sometimes just scooch) i'm looking foward to this new path and journey and i am grateful for your continued support. lots of things to post and share very soon. this is big. stay tuned!

the inhabitants progress video short

here's a little video of how i paint. i will post more of these as i make new paintings. thanks for watching.

get your copy of my "lorm" comic book. here's a look at it. on sale now in my online store. comes with stickers and a free button!

collected clutter - recent vinyl spins and art books


picked up a few back issues of mineshaft that i am saving to read on a rainy day. robert crumb is a regular contributor so it's worth checking out. still reading complete peanuts and peanuts every sunday from fantagraphics as well as re reading crisis zone by simon hasselman. if you have not read his pandemic masterpiece you should.

vinyl finds

on a peanuts kick. picked up the reissue of charlie brown christmas album by vince garaldi trio and i have been spinning that and los lobos native sons, mudhoney egbdf reissue, gary loris new solo album, and alice cooper school's out


not much video watching latley. watched wayne white beauty is embarassing 


the last toy i picked up was the herman dune yayathon man figure. you can get him on david ivar's website. I think he's on sale now too.


painting of the month for october 2021: flower shop

i painted this one for my uncle who commissioned this and quite a few others. he loves old movies and cartoons and i let him tell me who to put in the art and also the scene. we both have fun making these up. this one is sold. more on the way that will be for sale so stay tuned! thanks for checking it out. (this will be the last painting with my old signature)

artists i like

Gary Panter - Rick Griffin - Victor Gastelum - Craig Ibarra - Lynda Barry - Doc Guthrie - Johnny Ryan - Craig Gleason - Laurie Steelink - Coop - Mark Waldman - Robert Crumb - Lori Herbst -Chris Shary - Christine Bengemin - Dave Van Patten - Alex Chiu - Dennis Worden - Mary Fleener - Charles Burns - Pettibon - Jack Kirby - Charles Schulz - Steve Ditko - Neil Adams - Mayon Hannia  - David Ya Ya Ivar - Wayne White - Rodger Dean - Stanley Mouse - Shawn Kerri - Simon Hanselmann - Mimi Pond.... I will list more later when I remember them all.

THE superfine art OF scoocher

video: scoocher artwork sample reel

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