Looking to buy my art? Here's how....

I have TWO shopping sites up now featuring my art for sale. One is my Threadless. com site which is here: https://popkustomshoppe.threadless.com/  The other one is my Big Cartel site which is here: http://aicher.bigcartel.com/ Threadless features many products and accessories for sale from art of mine that you choose and customize your order. Big cartel features may of my high quality canvas giclee prints on sale as well as a few of my original acrylic on canvas paintings for sale. I hope you will visit my sites and help support my art. Thanks and love from the Aicher family.

July 30th, 2018

small affordable hand painted wood plaques on sale now!

By popular demand I have added many small plaques to my big cartel online site CLICK HERE to see whats in stock now. I intend to add many more in the next month so keep an eye out (they sell fast!) Most are priced at 20, 40, or 60 dollars with 5 dollars shipping. They are hand painted acrylic on wood one of a kind original art. Don't miss out on these. Don't forget to check out popkustomshoppe on instagram for my latest work images too!

Need a custom hand painted original?

I am now accepting offers for commission work. Email Scott here: (popkustomshoppe@gmail.com) For an acrylic on canvas 8x10 inch, $150.00.

For an acrylic on canvas 16x20 inch, $300.00. These prices are offered for a limited time. I can paint loved ones, pets, custom fantasy scenes but keep in mind they will have my fun cartoonish style. For examples of my work see the link for my portfolio page. Get you orders in soon for the holidays. Thanks for your supporting the arts!

Time Lapse video of my painting progress

Many progress videos of my art are on my You Tube site click the link in the navigation bars or CLICK HERE Thanks for your support!

Radicali stoked! the art of scott aicher

At El Cuervo Gallery in El Segundo. That's a wrap! Not sure when I will get to do another solo show so special thanks and love to all of you that came and spent hard earned money on my art. I am humbled by all the love and support you all have shown me over the years.

Most popular of items sold in the show were the small affordable plaques and since you all love them so much I am making many more for sale on my online shop. See details above.

Many young people bought my art at this show and it filled my heart with so much love. My advice to you kids who make art and want to make art for a living: draw as often as you can. Keep learning from lessons. Draw with friends (that is where the connection is, it does not have to be a competition , if you have good style advice, share it with friends) If you make mistakes try again....that is how you improve. All art connects to the flow of nature and organic life. That is what we recognize in art. If you are connected to the flow time spent on art will fly by. Art has been the best therapy in my lifetime. Don't be afraid to express yourself! We go around once.... so let it out.