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the inhabitants progress video short

here's a little video of how i paint. i will post more of these as i make new paintings. thanks for watching.

collected clutter - recent vinyl spins and art books


I gOt an anThology of fletcher hanks comics book recenTly. I bought it new but it looks used. Corner dings. Might send it back. Also got a couple of basil wolverton books. Brain bats from venus and creeping death. (vol. 1 and 2). I have been aware of wolvertons work for a long time nOw and it DEFINITELY had an iMpact on my art. I’m told he was a very odd guy and theSe books tell his story in addition to featuring lots of his art.

vinyl finds

Dawes “nothing is wrong” 10 anniversary color vinyl from newbErry comics is what i am spinNing lately. 
waiting on the dischord siNgles box set in the mail soon. Records have become too expensive for me and waiting so long to get them is just too much. I am trying to just enjoy the records i have and cds are nOt that bad. I hEar they are makIng a cOmeback latEly. Used records are even more expensive now. Lots of flippers for whatever is limited. Is color vinyl still fun? Seems like everything is on color wax now. Kiss off the soundboard putting out the seconD release virginia beach 2004. I have the rock the nation dvd already. I am nOt sure if I will get this one. The green is 70 dollars! Ouch! I think i’m out on this one.



watched wayne white beauty is embarassing, the errand boy with jerry lewis and found my Dvd copy of the batman 66 tv show which i will rewatch soon as i have the time. Watching food network often. 


BeeN gOing through my toy collection recently. I am going to sell most of my loose Toy clutter. Many he man, niNja turtles, marvel and dc fIgures I bought or found at flea markets. They need new homes and i need less clutter. I will post them for sale soon on (my online web shop). There is a link to get there in the navigation of thIs site. 

get your copy of my "lorm" comic book. here's a look at it. on sale now in my online store. comes with stickers and a free button!

painting of the month for november 2021: liberty valance

i painted this one for my uncle who commissioned this and quite a few others. he loves old movies and cartoons and i let him tell me who to put in the art and also the scene. we both have fun making these up. this one is sold. i added an uncle bill painting page here on this site as well. 

artists i like

Gary Panter - Rick Griffin - Victor Gastelum - Craig Ibarra - Lynda Barry - Doc Guthrie - Johnny Ryan - Craig Gleason - Laurie Steelink - Coop - Mark Waldman - Robert Crumb - Lori Herbst -Chris Shary - Christine Bengemin - Dave Van Patten - Alex Chiu - Dennis Worden - Mary Fleener - Charles Burns - Pettibon - Jack Kirby - Charles Schulz - Steve Ditko - Neil Adams - Mayon Hannia  - David Ya Ya Ivar - Wayne White - Rodger Dean - Stanley Mouse - Shawn Kerri - Simon Hanselmann - Mimi Pond.... I will list more later when I remember them all.


video: scoocher artwork sample reel

Now accepting custom request orders. email Scott here: with your requests. Let's work on some art together!

  • pudding cups song 12:10
  • pudding practice2:38

hEre is what is new with (or

I have updated and added to my blog. You can get there in the navigation bar in this website or by clicking on the scoocher’s blog ad featured below. I shared things that are happening with me and changes my family have gone through in the last year.

Also new is the “Uncle Bill” page here on this site. I have been making paintings for my uncle for the past few years. He picks his favorite actors, movies and cartoon characters and gives me the idea for the setting of the background. He has always been very supportive of my creative endeavors and he influenced a lot of my creative path. I will add them to the page as I get them done.

I have been going through much of my archive of art lately and I’m working on getting new images posted in the portfolio page here in addition to new progress videos and slide shows for my you tube site. (You can get there from the You Tube link in this sites navigation).

I also updated the media/collector section on this page below… find out what I have been watching, reading and listening to lately.