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this month's media acquisitions and consumer goods i'm enjoying. august 2022


i ordered a gossip ace frehley book but i'm thinking it was a bad idea...not sure i want to read about his bad behavior. he's got himself together and still making good music and touring. maybe not enough for some fans but i'm still cheering for him. they call his fans  "blue cool aid drinkers" because we always defend him. i should read it but not sure it's a good time to just yet. i probably already know most of it anyway by now. it's only rock and roll...

i am working on a few books of my own with punk hostage press at the moment. doing cover and interior illustrations. the two new iris berry books have my drawings on them. you can find punk hostage press books on amazon here: punk hostage press books

vinyl finds AND PICK UPS

loving the new dawes tales of the doomscroller album i got on indie blood orange wax. steely dan, allman brothers, eagles, fleetwood mac, dad yacht soft rock, grateful dead kind of vibes but it's the flavor this band makes with those ingredients that makes up it's chicken soup comfort prefect for the couch. the humor is a hug and this has the posibility of getting too big to keep this band undiscovered by the old mainstream, so row your boat over to the record store now for this one.

i keep meaning to give my review of leon bridges coming home pictured here and i am going to very soon. i got it for the song the river which is very emotional. so much so that i have to pick the time to sit with this and give it a really good spin. i already love Texas sun and texas moon he did with krungbin so much and those are turntable regulars currently. i do neeed to get y'all a better photo too of the cover.

Got the new matthew sweet. we had a black cat that found us and used to protect our house and garden. my wife had to help nurse it back to health when it found us. helped out our nieghbors too...we all shared this cat. did not want to be owned but needed love, so did we. never forget that cat we sure loved it. lots of cat people in my family but truth be told...this charlie brown loves his dog but our dog sure loved that cat too just like we all did. we all miss that cat and i still love it very much. it was very good luck. love is good where you can find it. shoutout to all the cats looking out for my family.... it was very beautiful to see that love between my wife and that cat and to share to love and protection from such a gift.

playing amy lashley travels of a homebody i just got this week,,, otis gibbs is her best friend. Really nice. got two others to play later too. got them from wannamaker recording company. sounds pretty sweet right now.

picked up otis gibbs new album. i really love his you tube videos and i am starting to look a lot like him. good dude to check out on the ol you tubes.


have you watched kiss through the years on youtubes? not sure if they got all taken down but my wife even liked those and she is not really into kiss. i am managing to stay off my phone and tv and get things chugging along again. listening to local radio a lot which i am loving here.


shelves are up! did it myself! probably going to purge some toys very soon to new homes. did order one funko pop i needed. it says may vary when i ordered so i hope i get the one i want or hope it arrives in  good shape. it was cheap and that's going to be it for me on toys for awhile. i need display space for new  paintings on the way and we have other things more important we need. i will share a photo of my new funko when it gets here if it's the right one i ordered.


got a sweet new sparkle pickguard for my telecaster recently. i blogged about it i think last week. playing guitar again. picked it up the other day even plugged in. was a good return. really been a long time but was like being 13 again for a day. going to look locally for some new strings and a new cable see what's in town.

THE superfine art OF scoocher

8/3/2022 2:03pm wednesday   hey people! good to have you here today

I have been adding new paintings for a few months now to the Scoocher's Art and Uncle Bill Paintings pages on this site. Added many new updates to the New Media (scroll below) and blogging very regular each week. My goal is to give you all lots to come back for each week. If you like my art please remember I can make art for you and my prices are fair and affordable and can work with your budget provided. Let's talk about working on a project! 

I also added some new content updates for my bio page here About Scoocher. Working on new art most every day and it's going really good. I know you all will enjoy what I have to share soon. My family and I are grateful to you all for your support of our small humble business. God Bless You All, Happy Trails! -Scoocher