Off and running with new paintings and building strength in many ways... Thankful and grateful to be here today to greet this morning. Inspiration was waiting for me but I had to reach for it. Playing Guitar and practicing often. Journaling the old way by writing in a book. Many pots on the campfire currently so to speak. Bird Watching most days with morning coffee. Drinking smooth move Tea. My Strength training bands have arrived. Getting things tidied up in the studio and garage. 

New art phase for me has already begun. Thank You for your continued support. I will be sharing right here soon... Take Care and God Bless -Scoocher

services i provided in the past...

Good Morning! Here's what I can do for you and a little bit about my professional art career and creative path. I worked in print shops before computers and post computer learned the skills and had years of work experience as a graphic designer, Illustrator, production artist, prepress artist and this website has always been updated by myself. 

I have made art used in theme parks, apparel design, book and record illustrations, action sportswear and package design and more since the mid 80's. I have shown my art in galleries since the early 90's with continued success.


If you would like to know more there is a bio page here as well as pages featuring my older and most recent art even a video or two I made showing my work. You may notice my different approaches but signature style. I hope you take the time to explore this website and see what my art is about. The best way to contact me is though the contact scoocher section here or email me (Scott) at popkustomshoppe@gmail.com

I Thank You all for your continued support. My family thanks you as well. God bless all of you. In gratitude, Scott (also known as "Scoocher")


new testament my wife gave me. time to read it more. i gotta take it slower.

i am working on a few books of my own with punk hostage press at the moment. doing cover and interior illustrations. the two new iris berry books have my drawings on them. you can find punk hostage press books on amazon here: punk hostage press books

vinyl finds AND PICK UPS

kind of playing the radio mostly but i got a few records to mention here soon.

two new black keys in the on deck circle today... dropout boogie and delta kreme. grown folks music. be careful...


trying to get time to watch some dvds but just keep finding things to do. i watch some you tube things now and then.


sorting out my toys. christmas is on the way soon and i have some to donate and some to purge and some to put on my new shelves.

some of them help my art and i did find an rc car i might race around the backyard. it's a darth vader hot wheel remote control my wife got me awhlie back. drives my dog crazy and its a lot of fun.


time to pick up my telecaster or my nylon string acoustic and try to get back to some pickin' i found a bunch of guitar string sets as i was doing some cleaning so probably a sign to play again. better than sitting on my phone or computer. need time away from that noise.


this month's may as wells... why not...   september 2022


Hello Friends,

Today is beautiful here. There are birds flying outside my widow that might be eagles or vultures...they look like eagles, so that's what I am going with today. Things are green outside and the trees are full. The skies are clear. Might play guitar out back later tonight under the stars if time provides. I'm looking more handsome every day. Gaining mobility and building strength. Making good eating choices most every day. Very Grateful to be here today.-Scoocher

THE superfine art OF scoocher